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8th of February 2017 - Competitive Advantage through Data and Predictive Analytics
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Creating Competitive Advantage through Data and Predictive Analytics

8th February 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

A big ‘Thank You’ to all delegates, speakers and people involved in making this years conference a success! See you again next year!

Big Data is here, but how should you manage it within your business? Join this exclusive, one day event to find out how your data may be further exploited to gain maximum commercial insight!

This event is designed as a case study oriented platform to highlight the opportunities available to organisations and to provide direction into the high level decisions which need to be made in this rapidly expanding area.

  • How will Big Data influence your organisations investment strategy for technology
  • What are the business drivers for implementing a big data strategy
  • What are the various options for technology choice and what are the high level implications of these choices?
  • What practical aspects of big data solutions must be considered including data security, data quality, governance and legacy data integration

Who will attend?

This event is free to attend but will be restricted to organisations (both private and public sector) who are currently using or who are contemplating using complex data analytic solutions.
Technology and solution providers to this market will be able to attend as sponsors only, guaranteeing the remaining delegates a rich pool of similarly minded peers with whom to discuss debate and share experiences.
In order to book your place, please complete your details and we will send confirmation of your place once it has been approved.

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Competitive Advantage through Data and Predictive Analytics

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The programme is moving along rapidly and we are pleased to confirm the following speakers so far for Big Insights 2017


Mats Berglind

Innovation Manager, Swedavia AB

    Mats is an Innovation manager with his roots in User Experience and Service Design. After spending over a decade as consultant User Experience Designer in the finance and media sectors, working for companies such as Nordea, SEB, Svenska Handelsbanken and Swedish TV4 he decided to try out the more innovative parts of the airport business. Mats enjoys music, downhill skiing and girls (he has 4 daughters).


    Håkan Borg

    CRM Analyst. Coop Sverige

      No more info to show yet. Stay tuned for updates!


      Mike Collins

      Management Consultant, CEPRO

        Michael Collins is an established expert in Business Intelligence and Data- Analytics/Warehousing.
        He has over 30 years’ experience and has been responsible for strategy, requirements definition, procurement and implementation of projects in the private and public sectors. He is particularly focused on the management and analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data. He works internationally in USA, Europe and Asia.

        In addition to consulting Michael is a frequent lecturer at educational institutions and professional events


        Bård Hakkestad

        Sales Director, Middlecon AB

          Bård Hakkestad is a Sales Professional, using his talent to leverage business value to his customers, IBM and his company. He has been working close to IBM for more than 15 years in different sales and management positions. Doing creative sales and marketing activities is one of his passions. For about five years Bård has been working with Big Data and he has become a leading authority within the area. On his spare time he enjoys cross country skiing. Bård is the co funder and Sales Director of Middlecon AB.


          Jakob Brandel

          Pre-sales operations around Big Data Integration for Pentaho EMEA

            Jakob Brandel is managing the pre-sales operations around Big Data Integration for Pentaho EMEA. He has helped customers with use cases around building a big data lake, datawarehouse optimization and real-time data integration. Jakob has experience in numerous verticals like Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics and Pharma. With graduate degrees both from Stockholm School of Economics and Royal Institute of Technology he brings experience to bridge the disconnect between IT and Business in a rapidly changing world.


            Damien Bourgeois

            Head of CRM and Customer Intelligence, AXA Belgium

              1/ MBA in Lille (North of France) at Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (as I’m French)

              2/ started in AIG (American International Group) some years ago (?) in several marketing and sales mission (mainly in Direct Marketing) and joined after 8 years Banque Directe (BNP Paribas Group) which was the first European direct bank in 2001 as head of marketing. The bank was bought one year later by AXA and since then I occupied different “head of” functions, in product development (Bank), Business Unit lead (Life & Savings) and finally in CRM and customer intelligence in which I started the first proof of concept in big data for AXA France in 2013.

              In 2014 I joined AXA Belgium as Head Of CRM and Customer intelligence as well, and build the team and the DataLab of AXA BE. I’m strongly supporter of the data science brussels community in which AXA Belgium is the former Premium Partners and the hoster of the Data Innovation Hub and the Data Summit (each year in March).


              Matías Urenda Moris

              Doctor at the University of Jönköping and University of Skövde

                Dr. Matías Urenda Moris took his PhD 2010 at De Montfort University, UK, in Healthcare Engineering. The thesis theme was “Dealing with variability in the design, planning and evaluation of Healthcare inpatient units: a modelling methodology for patient dependency variations”. The thesis presents a novel modelling approach and system configuration guidelines for addressing the fluctuating demand and high variability in healthcare systems. These systems’ variability needs to be considered whilst at the same time making efficient use of the systems’ resources.

                Over the last decade, has Dr. Urenda and associates at the University of Skövde, been very successful in identifying how Simulation Based Optimization can be applied to design and optimize systems. They have developed hands-on tools, providing engineers with software capable of supporting their work in simulation, optimization and data mining for system development. This development has been applied be selected stakeholders among the healthcare community and co-developed and implemented by the automotive industry in Sweden. The aim is to design systems capable of reaching a high patient service level and resource utilization. These optimal trade-off solutions are found through multi-objective optimization and data mining. The work presents also empirical findings of a number of case studies conducted at regional hospitals in Sweden.

                Dr. Urenda is currently working at the University of Jönköping and has a part-time position in the University of Skövde. He is involved in a number of initiatives where Virtual tools for system operation, design and optimization are adapted for the healthcare domain.


                Mattias Lidström

                Head of the Machine Learning team at Ericsson Research

                  Mattias Lidström is head of the Machine Learning team at Ericsson Research. His research interests include large-scale machine learning, telecom data analytics, human behavior predictions, and algorithms for mobile networks. Mattias has been working in the field of analytics and data science for more than 10 years and holds several patents in this area.


                  Alexander Nix

                  CEO of Cambridge Analytica

                    Alexander Nix is the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, the market leader in the provision of data analytics and behavioral communications for political campaigns, issue groups and commercial enterprises. Alexander joined Cambridge Analytica’s affiliate company, SCL Group, in 2003 after prior work at Baring Securities and Robert Fraser & Partners LLP. At SCL Group, Alexander has been responsible for the company’s expansion into global markets, including the establishment of Cambridge Analytica in the United States. Alexander has recently been named to WIRED Magazine’s list of “25 Geniuses Who Are Creating the Future of Business.”

                    Over the past 9 years, Alexander has worked on more than 40 political campaigns in the US, Caribbean, South America, Africa and Asia. He was educated at Eton College and Manchester University.


                    Kristofer Ågren

                    Head of analytics, Tele2

                      Kristofer is a Thought Leader within Analytics and is passionate about applying a data driven way of working to drive innovation and business value. By leveraging his combined experience of entrepreneurial leadership, deep technical skill set and experience from start ups as well as big organizations, Kristofer has a unique ability to identify opportunities, implement and drive the change needed. Kristofer is a senior Data Scientist, IT-Architect and leader with experience of, both as a consultant and employee, of multinational environments in Sweden and USA in various industries such as telecom, hospitality, travel, banking and finance.


                      Ingrid T. Meling

                      Business analyst, Norwegian Telecom Company

                        I studied at NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology – master I Sociology. I am genuine interested in relationships, correlations and contexts. This has followed me trough my career, first as a business consultant at Hartmark Consulting AS, then as a Collection Analyst at GE Money bank and an analyst in the Enabling department in GE Money Bank. In 2011 I started as a CRM Analyst in Lyse AS, and now I am a business analyst in Altibox AS. Understanding the business, but also understand and know how to use the information on the very low levels of detail, in different business perspectives, to enlighten and give insight to the business management teams, is what I find exiting and challenging. I like to be challenged, and the last few years I have also done some studies of Risk Analysis and Management.


                        Nicolas Espinoza

                        Co-founder of Gavagai, PhD Decision Theory

                          Co-founder of Gavagai, PhD Decision Theory, Former Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Stockholm University and senior researcher at the Swedish Defence Research Agency.


                          Sławomir Nowaczyk

                          Associate Professor in Data Mining at Halmstad University

                            Sławomir Nowaczyk is Associate Professor in Data Mining at Halmstad University. He holds a MSc degree from Poznan University of Technology, Poland and a PhD degree from Lund University of Technology, Sweden. He is the head of Aware Vehicles group at Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research. In recent years Sławomir has been leading several research projects focusing on data analytics, in close collaboration with industrial partners such as Volvo Group, Alfa Laval, Getinge Infection Control, HMS Industrial Networks, Halmstads Energi och Miljö, and others.


                            Robert Valton

                            Innovation manager at Volvo Group

                              Robert Valton is Innovation Manager at Volvo Group Telematics/WirelessCar with responsibility of driving service innovation within connectivity. Robert has been pioneering BIG data and Advanced Analytics since 2013 in order to accelerate the transformation from data to insights and action with focus on customer and business value. Volvo Group Telematics/WirelessCar is now one of the world’s leading telematics service providers serving the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors with services operational in 50 countries on four continents.


                              Tina Ravn Ben-Ami

                              Nordic Business Developer, PostNord AB

                                Tina has an academic background as Global Business Engineer, and has through the years held various positions on different organization levels in relation to Information Management and Master Data Management. She has been involved with composing strategies around Information Management for both minor and larger companies and groups, and has additionally operational experience with creating innovative and automated data solutions to support the customer focus in digital led business transformation projects. Tina’s philosophy to succeed with creating a unique customer experience is to combine strategy and organizational alignment with focus on change management where Information Management is the key enabler.


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