PROGRAMME - Executive Strategies: A.I. and Machine Learning

Chairman: Mike Collins, Management Consultant, CEPRO

08:30Registration and morning coffee

Machine Learning and A.I. - The Changing Face of Business?

09:00How do we see Machine Learning and A.I. in the context of our Business?

Interactive audience survey and response session

A.I. and Machine Learning in Context

• Predictive Data Analytics, Machine Learning and A.I. where are we now?
• How is this sector developing and where are we seeing the most progress?
• How is the Nordic region performing in comparison to the Global developments?
• Stand out A.I. and machine learning projects from the Nordic region

Dr. Christian Guttmann, CEO, HealthiHabits
Professor, Adj. Assoc. in A.I. and Health, UNSW(Australia)
Director, Nordic AI Institute

Is A.I. Transformative? What are the Business Opportunities and Challenges

• What are the biggest opportunities new entrants will face in their A.I. business integration?
• How can organisations effectively identify these opportunities?
• Barriers to implementation – organisational integration? Tech application? Human capital?
• Where is the real business advantage achieved with A.I.?
• What is the potential for A.I. to improve the bottom line?

Dr. Anya Rumyantseva, Data Scientist, Hitachi Vantara

Dr. Christian Guttmann, CEO, HealthiHabits

Paul Brook, EMEA Data Analytics Director, Dell EMC

Håkan Borg, CRM Analyst, Coop
10:15Coffee and Networking
10:45Sensors, Data and Prediction - The Holy Trinity of IoT

• Case study from Fleet Management, where Machine Learning and A.I. are essential to maximize utilization, prevent unscheduled down time, optimize routes and fuel consumption.
• Hitachi will share experience from real life customer cases.

Jakob Brandel, Manager, Sales Engineering Northern Europe, Hitachi Vantara

Nicklas Skaner, Director, Social Innovation Business Division EMEA, Hitachi Europe

11:10Artificial Intelligence & Data - Using AI, Fast Data, Big Data, Money and the Cloud

A short review of the “Technology Twins” Artificial Intelligence and Data (Big Data). We show how Dell EMC sees the future of technology; using Hybrid Cloud and how this relates to using data in real time whilst also leveraging HPC to use the “long-tail” of data. We discuss how to use Data-HPC-Cloud and Machine Learning that creates clear insights and “here is what you should do” prescriptive style Actions and Analytics.

Paul Brook, EMEA Data Analytics Director, Dell EMC

Data Protection Issues around A.I. You Should All be Considering

Top 5 things to consider from a legal perspective when setting up or using AI technologies for processing of personal data:
• Identifying when data used by AI technologies are considered “personal data” and when the rules in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) must be applied.
• What to consider if anonymous data becomes identifiable personal data through use of AI
• Creation of personal data through new AI processes –who’s responsible for compliance?
• Implementation of “Privacy by design” and “Privacy by default”
• Data subjects’ right to object to automated decisions carried out through AI

How the Legal Sector is Embracing Machine Learning Technologies

• Deplhi is setting out on the AI trail – as a service organisation how will we and our customers benefit from these new solutions?
• What have been our key initial decision points to set the ball rolling

Johan Hübner, Partner, Advokatfirman Delphi
12:20Lunch and networking

Lessons from Customer Centric and Language based A.I. Solutions


Lessons Learnt – Implementing an A.I. solution prioritised on Customer Satisfaction

• Business and strategic goals of Klarna’s new customer centric A.I. solution
• How has Klarna rolled out its new A.I. driven solution – progress to date
• Achieving a balance between scaleability and customer experience – adding business value
• The importance of alignment between tech and business – benefits of Klarna’s tech roots
• How has the project roll out performed against expectations? More lessons learnt?

Jonas Forslund, Director Global Optimisation and Analytics, Klarna

Crossing the Divide between Non-annotated Big (or Small) Data and AI Solutions

• How to approach AI tasks without prior training data – a chicken and egg problem?
• Lessons learnt from real world cases of AI solutions to "small data" cases
• Lowering the threshold to enable to true A.I. solutions

Nicolas Espinoza, Director Business Development, Gavagai

Practical Challenges of A.I. and Machine Implementation

14:20Coffee and networking

It’s all Iterative – Extracting True Value from your Data

• How Tele2 is using Machine Learning to add business value?
• The importance of creating rapid feedback cycles – the algorithm’s the easy bit
• Organisational barriers to true value creation

Kristofer Ågren, Head of BI and Data Analytics, Tele2

Scalability, Control and Speed to Market

• On-Prem or Cloud -What is the right choice of infrastructure?
• Managing costs in the short-term vs long term cost savings
• Is the technology platform now a commodity? What is the ‘killer app’?
• Resourcing A.I. projects – impact of technology and infrastructure choice
• What is the potential for A.I. to the bottom line?

Panel session participants include:
Markus Lingman, Manager, Halland’s Hospital Halmstad

Sławomir Nowaczyk, Associate Professor, CAISR, Halmstad University

Maria Holmberg, Head of Sales, Watty

Søren Stakemann, Director Product and Solutions Management - Integrated Workflow Solutions, Getinge Group, Denmark

Value Based Healthcare –From Manufacturing to Service Delivery driven by Data

• Using IoT and connected devices to derive value for the customer and supplier
• Lessons learnt – challenges in implementing services and outcome driven contracts
• Using machine learning for predictive maintenance and New value-added revenue opportunities through predictive analytics
• Highlights from Getinge’s IoT journey

Søren Stakemann, Director Product and Solutions Management - Integrated Workflow Solutions, Getinge Group, Denmark
16:30Chairman’s wrap up
16:45Close of Event