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9-10 may 2017 - Challenges and Opportunities in an Emerging Ecosystem
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About Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services

logo_vecsVehicle Electronics & Connected Services (former “Elektronik i fordon”) is being held for it’s 12th year and has grown to become the leading Scandinavian event of it’s kind and is the natural meeting place for vehicle manufacturers and the entire supply chain. In 2017 we will offer the most extensive programme so far with up-to-date discussions, visions of the future, research and trends.



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We are proud to give you the program for Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services 2017!


Keynote Speakers

VECS has some of the most prestigious speakers in the field!


Dr. Ing. Otmar Bitsche

Head of E-Mobility, Porsche AG.

    1987 Mr. Bitsche started his career as manager for power electronics at “Steirische Elektronik GmbH” in Graz/Austria. In 1990 he became responsible for drivetrain technology of electric vehicles at the “Steyr-Daimler-Puch Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH”.  As from 1996 he managed the powertrain development of the E-Smart at “Temic Elektroantriebsysteme” in Biel/CH.

    In 1997 Mr. Bitsche took responsibility as director of electric powertrain in the research center of Daimler-Benz in Stuttgart.  Since 2002 he was in charge of battery systems, electric powertrain and electric auxiliary loads at DaimlerChrysler in Ulm, Stuttgart and Sindelfingen.  Subsequently Mr. Bitsche was promoted to director of integration of the electric powertrain. In this context he was responsible for the series development of E- and Sclass vehicles.

    Since 2012 Mr. Bitsche is director e-mobility development at Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG in Weissach. In this position he is in charge for the series development of all high-voltage components, the high and low voltage wiring system, all electronic storage systems and the high and low voltage energy management.

    Programme headline: The future of fast charging with 800V


    Prof. Dr. Thomas Form

    Head of Electronics and Vehicle Research, Volkswagen Group research

      Thomas Form studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Braunschweig, Germany, joined the Institute for Communication Engineering as research fellow in 1987 and received his Ph.D. in 1992. Up to 2002 he worked as a senior engineer in the Centre for Electromagnetic Compatibility of Volkswagen AG. In 2002 Dr. Form was appointed as the head of Telephone-/Telematic- and Antenna systems development. He became a professor for „electronic vehicle systems“ in the Institute of Control Engineering at the Technical University Braunschweig in 2005 and participated with the CAROLO-Team in the finals of the DARPA URBAN Callenge 2007. was responsible for concept development, module- and project management in the VW Electric/Electronic development from 2007 to 2009 he was. Since 2009 he is the head of the “Electronics and Vehicle Research” within Volkswagen Group research. He is member of IEEE, VDI FVT (advisory board) and VDE GMM (Member of the board).

      Programme headline: Requirements on next generation of connected-car platform


      Dennis Nobelius

      CEO, Zenuity (joint venture Volvo Cars & Autoliv)

        Programme headline: Development of the next generation software for autonomous cars.


        Dr. Peter Phleps

        Senior Researcher and Futurist at the Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo), a research facility of BMW Group

          Peter Phleps is a senior researcher and futurist at the Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo), a research facility of BMW Group. He has a doctoral degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Technische Universität München (TUM). Before joining ifmo he worked as a Research Associate at the TUM Institute of Aircraft Design, where he focused on the combination of scenario analysis and technology evaluation, applied for different aspects of the air transport system. At ifmo he deals with future developments and challenges relating to mobility across all modes of transport, with automobility being only one aspect among many. Taking on an international perspective, ifmo’s activities focus on social science and sociopolitical, economic and ecological issues, but also extend to cultural questions related to the key challenges facing the future of mobility.

          Programme headline:

          Keynote speaker To drive or to be driven? How self-driving vehicles might impact our mobility behavior

          Although it is still uncertain how fast and how strong self-driving cars will diffuse in the transport system, high impacts on mobility are very much likely in the next decades. Self-driving cars promise increasing safety and energy efficiency, less traffic issues in cities and especially higher comfort for people who don’t want to drive on their own. Nice prospects, but who are the persons benefiting most from autonomous vehicles? And how could those people change their travel behavior in case they don’t drive anymore but are driven by a computer?


          Advisory Board

          We are delighted to have a distinguished and highly exprienced Advisory Board supporting us on the programme content.  Working with this team we are able to create the most relevant, interesting and up-to-date conference as possible.  Please see below the members of the Advsisory Board and some details about the individuals.   In particular we are excited to have a strong relationship with the Vehicle ICT Arena who are our collaboration partner.

          Fredrik Ellsäter

          Fredrik Ellsäter

          CEO for Drive Now View Details
          Peter Öhman

          Peter Öhman

          Chief Operating Officer at Lindholmen Science Park View Details
          Kent Eric Lång

          Kent Eric Lång

          Vice President, Viktoria Institute, Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena View Details
          Anders Dahlén

          Anders Dahlén

          Director Electrical/Electronics at NEVS View Details
          Jakob Axelsson

          Jakob Axelsson

          Director, Software & Systems Engineering Research at SICS View Details
          Jonas Lindholm

          Jonas Lindholm

          Business Development, Combitech View Details
          Peter Hansson

          Peter Hansson

          Global Technology Manager - Volvo Group Trucks Technology View Details
          Anna Selmarker

          Anna Selmarker

          Head of the Driver Vehicle Interaction group at Scania View Details
          Staffan Wallin

          Staffan Wallin

          Automotive Sales Director, Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson View Details
          Rolf Hagstedt

          Rolf Hagstedt

          Director Electrical Architecture, CEVT View Details
          Fredrik Nordin

          Fredrik Nordin

          CEO, CLEVER View Details
          Ulf Alvebratt

          Ulf Alvebratt

          Senior Director Electrical System Design, Volvo Cars View Details
          Fredrik Ellsäter

          Fredrik Ellsäter

          CEO for Drive Now

          Fredrik Ellsäter has a Masters of Science from Stockholm School of Economics in Management & Logistics. He then worked as a Management Consultant supporting transformation in many companies, covering various industries. After that Fredrik has a long background from the automotive industry at BMW, in various positions. He has been Marketing Manager for both brands BMW and MINI with award winning campaigns and a strong brand building over many years with National projects. He has also been General Manager for BMW Baltic.

          In May 2015 Fredrik left BMW to be CEO for Drive Now in Sweden and to start up the business in Stockholm. Drive Now is the modern free-floating alternative of carsharing that will actively support the city to move away from private car ownership.

          Peter Öhman

          Peter Öhman

          Chief Operating Officer at Lindholmen Science Park

          Peter Öhman (Ph.D. in dependable computer systems, Chalmers 1995) is the Chief Operating Officer at Lindholmen Science Park where he is responsible for managing the company’s projects and programmes.

          After his Ph.D examination, he worked for 8 years at both Volvo and Volvo Car Corporation as technical specialist, department and project manager in the area of vehicle electronics. After this he was employed at Chalmers University of Technology as assisting professor in software engineering. During his time at Chalmers he lead a research group in the area of automotive software engineering.

          At Lindholmen Science Park, he has been the program manager of Test Site Sweden – A collaborative program with stakeholders from industry, universities and society with the goal to develop new test and demonstration environments for automotive technologies.

          Kent Eric Lång

          Kent Eric Lång

          Vice President, Viktoria Institute, Project Manager, Vehicle ICT Arena

          Kent Eric Lång has been working in industry and international companies in more than 30 years. Deputy MD since 2011 at Viktoria Swedish ICT, a part of Research Institutes Sweden RISE. MD for Mecel, a software company in the automotive industry, in more than ten years (2001-2011). He was responsible for an ITS business innovation lab and later a Venture within Ericsson 1996-2000.

          He has long experience of working in networks of companies and between organisations to develop win-win-solutions for mutual benefit. He was project manager for R&D programs with partly public funding and EU-funded projects in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems 1988-1996. Some of the major programs were Prometheus in Sweden, Swedish RTI Programme and ARENA Test Site West Sweden. Kent Eric was one of the initiators 2001 and member of the Board for Telematics Valley. He was a member and chairman of the Board for Viktoria Swedish ICT 2002-2011.

          Kent Eric Lång was industry PhD student at ASEA (ABB) i Västerås and have PhD degree at Chalmers University of Technology.

          Anders Dahlén

          Anders Dahlén

          Director Electrical/Electronics at NEVS

          Anders Dahlén has more than 20 years of experience from the Automotive Industry. He is currently director Electrical/Electronics at NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden). He has worked as business developer responsible for the electrical/electronics/SW business area at Combitech in Trollhättan (2012-2015) and in several roles with global responsibilities in Sweden, Germany and the USA for Saab Automobile & GM (1994-2012).

          Anders has broad experience from product development, quality improvement and project management.
          He represented Combitech in the steering groups of FFI/Vinnova projects HEAVENS and NGEA, and is a strong supporter of Model Based Development.

          Anders holds a M.Sc. degree in Electronics from Chalmers University of Technology.

          Jakob Axelsson

          Jakob Axelsson

          Director, Software & Systems Engineering Research at SICS

          Jakob Axelsson is Director, Software & Systems Engineering Research at Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) and Professor in Computer Science at Mälardalen University, focusing on system architecture for embedded and software-intensive systems. At SICS he is leading industry focused research on development of complex software-based systems.

          Jonas Lindholm

          Jonas Lindholm

          Business Development, Combitech

          Jonas Lindholm has a long experience from working in different positions at international companies as well as start-ups. He started in 1994 at Ericsson and worked in various positions in Sweden and abroad as System Specialist, Project Manager as well as Head of Project Office, with main focus to evolve the early Telecom Packet Data Solutions. In 2000 he left Ericsson to focus on evolving start-up company working with information and data management to support the industry with automation processes. 2004 the company was bought by a consortium and in 2012 incorporated in Combitech in the Saab Group. Today Jonas is responsible for the Automotive area at Combitech and defining the Land Transport Strategy within Saab. He has been part of starting up a wide range of research projects within the area of ITS and autonomous land transport solutions. He has a strong focus on future trends, technologies and business benefits. Jonas Lindholm holds a MSc E.E degree from Chalmers University of Technology

          Peter Hansson

          Peter Hansson

          Global Technology Manager - Volvo Group Trucks Technology

          With more than twenty years of experience within the automotive sector, Peter carries and extensive knowledge within this area.
          He started his engineering career in the aircraft industry where he spent the first five years. Later he switched to automotive when he joined the electrical department at SAAB Automobile.

          Peter has held several different manager positions at Electrical Engineering for SAAB and GM Europe.
          For the last five years Peter has led the global System Engineering team within the Electrical and Electronics department at Volvo GTT.
          Peter has through the years been active in leading global standardization activities within Electrical and Electronics areas such as: MOST, Flexray and Autosar, where he has been part of the technology and steering committees and is now a member of the Vehicle ICT Board.

          Peter has a M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from Linköpings University

          Anna Selmarker

          Anna Selmarker

          Head of the Driver Vehicle Interaction group at Scania

          Anna Selmarker is Head of the Driver Vehicle Interaction group at Scania. This group is responsible for creating the vehicle HMI of future trucks and buses and has as the vision: “We make skilled drivers even more skilled by offering a HMI that is best in class and supports safe, efficient and pleasurable driving”. The group works in all phases of development, from research and concept development to verification and validation. Headed by Anna, the group has adopted the strategies: Driver Focused Development, Simulator Based Design, and Property Driven Development to ensure that they reach their vision.

          Anna has worked within the vehicle industry the last 20 years. After getting her M.Sc degree within automation at Chalmers she worked as an embedded system developer. When starting at Scania in 2005 she moved on to software architecture and system architecture. Five years ago Anna continued into ergonomics and HMI design. Her career journey has taken her closer to fulfilling her motto “Do the right things, and do them right”.

          Staffan Wallin

          Staffan Wallin

          Automotive Sales Director, Customer Group Industry & Society, Ericsson

          Staffan Wallin is a result driven sales professional with long experience in Business Development. He has a thorough understanding of technology and its impacts on business flows and is driven by developing new solutions and offerings to secure growth & sales in new areas.

          Staffan first joined Ericsson as a software developer in 1995. Since then Staffan have had a range of different responsibilities within research & development, project management, product management, sales & marketing as well as special projects outside of these roles. Staffan also has proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives.

          Rolf Hagstedt

          Rolf Hagstedt

          Director Electrical Architecture, CEVT

          Rolf Hagstedt, Director Electrical Architecture, CEVT. Rolf Hagstedt has more than 30 years of experience of embedded sw and IT from the Automotive, telecom and IT industry. Since 2014 responsible For Electrical Architecture at CEVT, a Geely owned Gothenburg based company that develop car platforms to Lynk & Co, Geely and Volvo Car. Has held different positions, such as Business Manager for Autosar sw product and services, Site Director/MD for Flextronics Design West/Bluelabs West, Business Area Manager at consultant company delivering system and SW for automotive industry. Rolf Hagstedt has a MsEE from Chalmers University of Technology.

          Fredrik Nordin

          Fredrik Nordin

          CEO, CLEVER

          Fredrik has experience from the automotive industry, working at car manufacturers like Daimler and Honda as well as suppliers such as WirelessCar and Haldex. Currently Fredrik is the CEO of CLEVER, the largest charge point operator for electrical vehicles in Sweden.

          Ulf Alvebratt

          Ulf Alvebratt

          Senior Director Electrical System Design, Volvo Cars

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          At the annual conference Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services we offer you the opportunity to meet potential clients and create valuable business contacts while reinforcing your company’s brand in the industry.


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