To get the friendly competition spirit going at Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services 2017, delegates had the opportunity to race each other in a mobile racing game. Besides honor and glory, the first prize was a free delegate ticket to next year’s event. After a tough battle  trough their cell phones, the gold medal went to Joakim Kjellberg at Scania, collecting an impressive score of 95 510 points!

Joakim, big congratulations to winning the VECS 2018 Racing Grand Prix game! You must be over the moon?

– Thank you! Absolutely – finally, all the hours spent on my smartphone pays off!

Please tell us, did you have some secret tricks or are you a just natural talent?

– Maybe not any secret tricks, but it took me a few tries before I figured out what gave a higher score. Collecting stars was not as valuable as going as far as possible, so collecting boosts became the main goal (since each race was limited to 60 seconds).

joakim_kjellberg_cropped (2)

Joakim Kjellberg crushed the competition through dedication and raw talent in this years race!

And what about you Scania guys! Both the first and second place went to people working at Scania – is there some logical explanation or is there just something in the tap water in Södertälje?

– I was the first of us to play the game on Tuesday evening, so I told Robin (my colleague) about it on Wednesday. We started competing against each other during the coffee breaks. The high score was around 55 000 points for both of us and we quickly became competitive. When I got a score of about 82 000 points, my heartrate was quite high from that last race, so I thought that this was it; he won’t be able to beat that! But he continued playing on the train back home and soon came very, very close, so of course I had to play as well. On the way home, we noticed that another player was coming close to our high score, so we sort of teamed up against him to make sure the victory would go to Scania!

Besides winning the racing game, was there anything else in particular you appreciated at the event?

– I really like presentations where companies are open about their processes, sharing their experiences and what challenges they have met – and not only showing the results.

And finally, you have now won a free delegate ticket to next year’s event – is there any speaker or specific topic you would like to see in the upcoming program?

– This year, I got the feeling that most of us are in the same place: building autonomous vehicles and trying to figure out how to make use of big data. Next year, I hope that we will see solutions to some of the problems and that a few companies have started to find the way forward.

Thank you for having a chat with us Joakim and once again, big congrats to the victory! And thanks to all the other players who made an effort. While the race for autonomous drive goes on, don’t forget to practice your mobile gaming skills to try and win the title to your organization at VECS 2018 on the 12th – 13th of april!