09:00Morning coffee and registration
09:30Moderator´s introduction

Anders Nordelöf, PhD, Docent & Senior Researcher, Environmental Systems Analysis, Chalmers University of Technology.
Anders Nordelöf's research investigates how technologies for electric propulsion change the environmental impacts of road vehicles and other types of vehicles for transportation and industry, using life cycle assessment (LCA) and other environmental systems analysis tools.
09:40The European Battery Industry under Global Pressure – how do we turn the tables in our favour?

• Impact of the US Inflation Reduction Acts on European Battery investments
• Risks to Europe's automakers in the transition to electrification
• How to secure our competitiveness both short-and longterm – How can Europe respond?

Kenya Shatani, Project & Innovation Manager, EIT InnoEnergy

Developing resilient Supply Chains in the Battery Industry – developing European alternatives

• Do we have any geological potential in EU?
• What measures are taken within the EU to release these potentials?
• What happens if we can’t begin to source locally?


Kenya Shatani, Project & Innovation Manager EBA250, EIT InnoEnergy
Ildiko Antal Lundin, acting Head of Department Mineral Resources, SGU
Maria Sunér, CEO, Svemin
Maria Ljunggren, Associate Professor in Sustainable Materials Management, Chalmers University of Technology
10:50Coffee break and exhibition visit
The Battery R&D Landscape in Sweden and Internationally

• Key actors in industry and academia
• New battery research infrastructure along the value chain
• Political initiatives and roadmaps: Resources for the way ahead
• How national and international collabrations will transform the technology area

Reza Younesi, Associate Professor, Structural Chemistry, Uppsala University
12:00Hybrid Modeling for Reliable Battery Predictions

• Success with machine learning based models in predicting the remaining useful life of Li ion cells
• Hybrid approach to battery modeling - A combination of physics based and machine learning
• Hybrid approach to make cell level, pack level and health prediction estimations

Vineet Dravid, PhD, Oorja Energy
12:20Lunch and exhibition visit
13:20Aviation Systems going Electric, what does it mean?

• Introduction to the Swedish Aviation Industry Group
• Aviation and sustainability – how will it work
• Electrification of aviation – a true “system change” and game changer
• Opportunities and challenges

Victoria Barrsäter, policy advisor, Swedish Aviation Industry Group
13:40Aerospace Batteries: Myths, Challenges and Opportunities

• Intro to Heart Aerospace
• Aerospace Batteries Myths
• Lessons learned from Automotive
• Aerospace Batteries Challenges, and Opportunities

Bassem Farag, Section Lead Battery Systems, Heart Aerospace
14:10The Electric Plane and the Airport

• Understanding the turn around process at the airport
• The complexity of planning for future routes and airplane movements
• Airports as an energy hub – a second life for batteries?

John Nilsson, Strategic Manager Electric and Hydrogen Aviation, Swedavia
14:30Updates in Electric Vehicle and Battery Regulations

• The progress of thermal propagation assessment in the UN vehicle regulations – test concept and pass/fail criteria
• The progress towards a Battery Durability GTR for heavy-duty vehicles
• Developing European standards to support the EU Battery Regulation – EV focus

Annika Ahlberg Tidblad, Technical Leader Battery Safety and Legislation, Volvo Cars
15:20Coffee break and exhibition visit
15:50The Future of Electrified Vehicles: How Simulations and Modelling are Driving Innovation

• Safe, reliable and robust batteries
• Simulations instrumental for the development of batteries
• Simulation and modelling to understand how we can optimize performance, lifetime and cost for the electrified vehicle
• Innovative solutions

Shruti Srivastav, Development Engineer, Scania Group
16:30Polestar R&D: Designing Batteries for Fast- Charging using Advanced Simulation and Testing

• Main design challenges related to fast-charging
• Using stratified modelling to as primary tools
• How advanced cell characterization techniques can be used for parameterization and validation

Jens Groot, Chief Engineer Battery System, Polestar
17:10Moderator summary of the day
17:20-18:20Networking mingle