mars 14, 2023 Webmaster

The Software Defined Vehicle Ecosystem

In Track A Electronics & Architecture on May 24th at VECS 2023 we will have the pleasure of listening to Erik Coelingh, VP Product, Zenseact and Adjunct Professor Mechatronics at Chalmers University. Erik joined the Volvo Car Corporation more than 20 years ago, where he was responsible for Volvo’s first application of Automatic Emergency Braking and led the advanced engineering activities for Pedestrian Detection and Intersection Collision Avoidance. His work focuses on algorithm and system design for active safety features for collision avoidance by means of warning and automatic emergency braking and steering. He also works on the design of driver support features to take over part of the driving task, utilizing adaptive cruise control, automatic parking and autonomous vehicles. His ultimate vision is to design cars that can be driven fully automatically without incident. We got the opportunity to ask Erik a few questions before the event and he was kind enough to share his insights as well as giving us a teaser of his presentation.