februari 5, 2024 Webmaster

A Global Perspective on Development of Robotaxis

What does the future hold for Robotaxis? We asked the expert! In Track 2 on the first day of VECS 2024 we will have the pleasure of listening to a Keynote from Andreas Reschka, Senior Director of Product, Systems, and Safety, Pony.ai. Mr. Reschka is a car enthusiast and experienced AV engineer and manager. He holds Computer Science degrees and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from German universities and worked on multiple AV projects over the past 14 years, focusing on safety concepts, verification, validation, and operations. Some of his achievements include developing the safety concept and safety driver takeover mechanism for the first Level 4 vehicle in a German city in 2009/2010, developing the safety concept for a truly driverless truck for the German Autobahn which sustained an audit from the German TUV from 2014-2016 and won the IAA Innovation award in 2018, developing the L5 roadmap and safety concept for Zoox Inc. from 2017 to 2020, and serving as technological leader of Systems and Safety Engineering at DiDi from 2020 to 2021. We got the opportunity to ask him a few questions before the event and he was kind enough to share his insights as well as giving us a teaser of his presentation.