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Do you feel prepared for the future?

Meet our moderator Lasse Jonasson, Director & Futurist, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. At the event Lasse Jonasson will guide us throw the agenda as the moderator and he works on a daily basis with not predicting the future, but rather building resilience and identifying opportunities in the face of uncertainty, while also embracing what can emerge out of complexity.

Who is Lasse Jonasson and what is your background?

Lasse Jonasson is a senior futurist and director at the Institute heading the advisory department. Lasse is primarily engaged in advisory of organisations within long term strategic transitions through scenario planning and CIFS concept around Anticipatory Leadership. His competencies lie in anticipating changes and driving forces within industries and industry players, analysing new business models, and driving a transformational change at leadership level to equip leaders to future conditions.

Lasse is primarily engaged with connecting the discipline of strategic foresight with vision, strategy and daily execution.

Lasse has previously worked as an executive in the financial industry with strategic, operational and financial Risk Management, and with the application of technology in the financial industry. He has extensive knowledge with providing high-quality information for strategic decision-making from ATP, Credit Agricole and NETS. Lasse has a master’s degree in business economics.

Please tell us a little more about the Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies and what you can do for the business.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies has a long history and proven track-record of working with corporations and organisations worldwide, advising on strategic foresight, megatrend analysis and scenario planning. Futures studies is not about predicting the future, but rather it is about building resilience and identifying opportunities in the face of uncertainty, while also embracing what can emerge out of complexity.

We are global leaders in the use of futurist methods developed to solve strategic organisational and business challenges. We apply the methodology to support our clients in future-proofing strategies, planning beyond forecasting, risk analysis as well as foresight-driven innovation processes.

Can you name any exciting projects that you are currently involved in?

Right now we have a program with the ministry of foreign affairs, where we are building up their foresight capabilities. We are also doing a foresight implementation program for l’Oreal, supporting them in setting up an internal foresight function. And we are doing an inspirational talk series about how AI will influence the future of work. And we have just finished a report for European Space Policy Institute about the future of space.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for us working with Cash Management and Treasury going forward?

I think that grasping the complexities of the global landscape and forecasting future trends is becoming ever more challenging. The paramount task may well be to find the optimal equilibrium between forecasting developments and bracing for unpredictability.

What megatrends do you see coming within the next five years?

Undoubtedly, technological advancement, predominantly driven by artificial intelligence (AI), is set to profoundly impact everyone. It is crucial to grasp this evolution from two angles: firstly, the way it can transform our existing activities, enhancing efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness; and secondly, its ability to forge new methods of operation, creating new demands and opportunities.

Another fascinating aspect to consider is the ripple effects on current business models. Should the present rate of innovation persist, I anticipate witnessing exceptionally rapid transformations across numerous sectors, introducing new dynamics. These changes hold the potential to disrupt established business frameworks and the conventional metrics economists depend on for analysis.

Meet Lasse Jonasson, Director & Futurist, Copenhagen Institute at this year’s Nordic Cash & Treasury Management event.