09:00 Moderatorn Linda Vikström öppnar konferensen

Linda är moderator, paneldiskussionsledare och IR-konsult. Hon har över femton års erfarenhet av kvalificerad journalistik i ryggen, bland annat på Affärsvärlden som redaktör/reporter och Aktiespararen som redaktionschef. Hon är en erfaren, påläst och dynamisk moderator som har intervjuat hundratals VD i olika svenska bolag.
09:10 Mentimeter frågestund

Crumbling pillars…or the turn of the 20th century tide

• The pillars that have supported the 20th century namely, liberal democracy, Western-led globalisation and technological dominance of the 1st world, are experiencing competition from new ideologies and are undergoing structural changes. It remains to be seen if they remain intact during the 21st century

• At the same time, another pillar that has been taken for granted for as long as we can remember, is calling upon all our attention and ability to collaborate – climate change has emerged to take center stage in politics and business

• What does the 21st century look like, when international institutions are weakened, technological leadership has shifted hands, political ideologies compete for longevity and climate challenges force us to find a global solutions across all of these differences?

Daria Krivonos, CEO & Futurist, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

Föredraget hålls på engelska.
09:50 Paus
10:00 Crumbling pillars…or the turn of the 20th century tide part 2

Daria Krivonos, CEO & Futurist, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
10:20 Frågestund med Daria Krivonos, CEO & Futurist, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studie

The chief economists' views on macroeconomics and how we can act in times of uncertainty post covid-19

Paneldiskussionen hålls på engelska och leds av moderator Linda Vikström.


William De Vijlder, Group Chief Economist, BNP Paribas

Andreas Wallström, Acting Group Chief Economist and Head of Macro Research, Swedbank

Lena Fahlén, Head of Global Analysis, Handelsbanken
11:00 Discover how Axepta BNP Paribas helps clients to redifine the shopping experience

As a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, consumer habits were disrupted. The lockdown and the new sanitary rules initiated a challenging period full of questions for many companies across the globe. We witnessed the rise of new digital path-to-purchase such as Click & Collect, distant payment, home delivery and digital menu.

Neil Pein, CEO, AXEPTA BNP Paribas Group
11:20 Paus
11:30 Cyberrisk och finansiell stabilitet

Carl-Johan Rosenvinge, senior ekonom, avdelningen för finansiell stabilitet, Sveriges Riksbank

Föredraget hålls på svenska.
11:50 Through Covid and Beyond

Jan Dirk Van Beusekom, Head of Strategic Marketing Cash Management & Trade Solutions, BNP Paribas

Föredraget hålls på engelska.
12:10 Lunchpaus
13:10 Moderatorn återupptar konferensen
13:20 OPEN Banking - Varför, Hur och Vilka behov finns?

Per Åström, Open Banking Manager, Swedbank
13:40 ESG and sustainability in finance and investments

We will discuss the latest trends in ESG and Sustainable Finance. How does the finance function drive sustainability in companies and take a look at inspiring cases.

Fredrik Nilzén, Head of Sustainability, Swedbank

Emma Ihre, Head of Sustainability , Mannheimer Swartling

Föredraget hålls på svenska.
14:10The Death of platforms - What it all comes down to is Cash. Cash is king!

• We need to be aware that a software is just that, a tool to accomplish a goal. In this case, ensure the company has a hold on their cash position at all times.
• The old approach was to create platforms, one platform to rule them all.
• However, things are changing and the trend goes, rightly so, toward best of breed solution.
• In 2020 and the future the key is not to have all solutions in one platform. The key is to choose best of breed solutions that talk to each other.
• OpusCapita and Analyste decided to combine their portfolio to offer two best of breed providers combined

Jukka Sallinen, Head of Cash Management Business, OpusCapita

Föredraget hålls på engelska.

How about we unveil the first findings from our fake bank decoynet from hacks against our APIs?

Alissa Knight, Managing Partner, Knight Ink

Föredraget hålls på engelska.
15:00Moderatorn sammanfattar dagen


09:00 Moderator Linda Vikström startar upp konferensens andra dag
09:05 Mentimeter frågestund
09:20Hur arbetar Sandvik med framtidens utmaningar inom Cash Management och Treasury - digitalisering och automatisering?

Anneli Walltott, Deputy Group Treasurer, Head of Cash Flow Management, Sandvik Treasury AB

Föredraget hålls på svenska.

Cash & Treasury of the future - challenges and opportunities

We live in a changing time both technologically and geopolitically. The demands are greater than ever on the cash management & treasury function, but how can we in practice navigate this new landscape. The panel discussion is in English and will be led by moderator Linda Vikström.

• Will treasury as a role be relevant in 5 years' time in the increasingly rapid technological development?
• Do we have the right skills today in treasury or do we need to recruit completely new skills in other areas?

Paneldiskussionen hålls på engelska.


Micaela Vernmark, Head of Payments Solution Consulting, TietoEvry

Anneli Walltott, Deputy Group Treasurer, Head of Cash Flow Management, Sandvik Treasury AB

Iain Scott, Solution Lead for Treasury & Capital Markets, Finastra

Paneldeltagare presenteras löpande.
10:10 DEMO Sessions with our partners OpusCapita & Analyste and Kyriba

OpusCapita Liquidity: Cash Visibility and Forecasting in the cloud
Product Demo: Global Cash Visibility and Cash Forecasting
Having a clear understanding of the company's cash position is always important. Treasurers need to be able to have updated view on cash balances and make accurate predictions about the future in order to obtain an effective liquidity management. In this hands-on product demo, Karl-Henrik Sundberg will give you a guided tour of our latest SaaS-based Cash Visibility & Forecasting-tool.

Transforming your Payments through Kyriba’s Payment Network
Many CFOs and treasury leaders mandate our solution to their teams for a reason. Kyriba’s payment solution enforces corporate payment policies, reduces the cost of managing payments and ensures all payments are intelligently screened against internal and external compliance, improving overall payments efficiencies and reducing fraud. Kyriba's cash and liquidity management solution provides vital visibility needed during uncertain times, delivering a timely and accurate global view into cash across all banks in all regions, and enables treasury teams to create accurate forecasts that deliver confidence throughout the organisation.
10:40 Networking Break
11:10TIME to de-stress YOGA Nidra session for relaxation

Time for a short relaxation/mediation? There should always be time to de-stress. Even when it sometimes feels like the world around us is moving at 100 km/h. This is why, OpusCapita and Analyste, would like to share this short 10-minute yoga Nidra session with you.

Framtidens Cash forecasting - bli av med kalkylblad och manuellt arbete

Likvida medel innebär välmående för alla bolag. Det är inte bara viktigt att försäkra sig om att det finns tillräckligt, utan även fördela likviditeten i hela organisationen på det mest effektiva sättet. En förutsättning för professionell hantering av likvida medel är en prognostisering som ger er insyn i nuvarande- och framtida åtaganden som påverkar bolagets likviditet. Paneldiskussionen leds av moderator Linda Vikström.

Paneldiskussionen hålls på svenska och leds av moderator Linda Vikström.


Karl-Henrik Sundberg, Presales Executive Lead, Cash Management Software, OpusCapita

P-H Öström, Treasury Management Advisor, DNB

Gunilla Hernvall, Treasury Manager Risk Management and Funding, Epiroc

Paneldeltagare presenteras löpande
11:50Cash Management - utmaningar och prioriteringar för ett globalt SME bolag

Daniel Terike, Group Treasury Manager & Finance Director Division Monitoring & Control Technology, Nederman Holding

Föredraget hålls på svenska.

12:10Vad händer i världen och hur påverkar det Sveriges ekonomi - Post Covid 19

• Pandemin - är vi på väg mot ett krigsläge eller kommer ekonomin hämta sig?
• Upptrappade handelskonflikter som till exempel USA och Kina – hur påverkar det Sverige?
• Vilka geopolitiska spänningar kan vi se på horisonten framöver?
• Brexit – hur hantera detta?
• En framåtblick, vad kan vi förvänta oss under de närmsta åren

John Hassler, Professor i makroekonomi, Institutet för internationell ekonomi, Stockholms universitet.
John är professor på Institutet för internationell ekonomi vid Stockholms universitet. Han har dessutom varit rådgivare på det svenska finansdepartementet och medlem av European Economic Advisory Group. Han har även varit ledamot i Kommittén för Sveriges Riksbanks pris i ekonomisk vetenskap till Alfred Nobels minne och mellan 2013 - 2016 var han också ordförande i Finanspolitiska rådet.

Föredraget hålls på svenska.
12:40Moderatorn sammanfattar konferensen