William De Vijlder

Group Chief Economist, BNP Paribas

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Per Jansson

Vice riksbankschef, Sveriges Riksbank

Per Jansson var statssekreterare hos Anders Borg på Finansdepartementet med ansvar för ekonomisk politik och internationella frågor 2006 – 2009. Från den 16 januari 2010 var han chef för avdelningen för penningpolitik på Riksbanken. Sedan den 1 januari 2012 är han vice riksbankschef i Sveriges Riksbank.


Daria Krivonos

CEO & Futurist, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

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John Hassler

Professor i makroekonomi, Institutet för internationell ekonomi, Stockholms universitet

John är professor på Institutet för internationell ekonomi vid Stockholms universitet. Han har dessutom varit rådgivare på det svenska finansdepartementet och medlem av European Economic Advisory Group. Han har även varit ledamot i Kommittén för Sveriges Riksbanks pris i ekonomisk vetenskap till Alfred Nobels minne och mellan 2013 – 2016 var han också ordförande i Finanspolitiska rådet.


Anders Grevstad

Executive VP Category and Transaction Banking Large Corporates, DNB Bank ASA

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Carl-Johan Rosenvinge

Senior ekonom, Avdelningen för finansiell stabilitet, Sveriges Riksbank

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Daniel Terike

Group Treasury Manager & Finance Director Division Monitoring & Control Technology, Nederman Holding

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Jacob Henricson

CISO & CSO, Skanska

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Jonas Palm

Nordic Product Manager Cash Managment, BNP Paribas

Jonas has over 24 years of experience with developing financial products and services to better support corporate needs and process at various Nordic and International banks. He has taken part in several technical shifts in among the corporate use of financial messages for both EDIFACT and XML, the deployment of early internet corporate banking and authorization management services. More recently he has been involved in the Nordic payment infrastructure, P27 initiative, and in the development of possible applications of everything from instant payments to financial API’s, AI and Robotics to improve banks’ services and added value to corporations.


Martin Georgzén

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Head of Business Execution, P27 Nordic Payments Platform

Martin has been part of the bank common P27 initiative from start early 2018 and also been part of the steering committee of the project. He has more than 20 years of experience from the financial sector and has held various management positions during the vast majority of that time. Most recently, served as Head of Nordic payment infrastructure projects and Payments development at Danske Bank A/S.


Mattias Persson

Chefekonom och global chef Swedbank Makroanalys, Swedbank

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Petra Klein

Chief Information Security Officer, Swedbank

Petra Klein is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Swedbank Group with the responsibility to lead and coordinate information security. Petra have a long background within the cyber security area in different technical positions such as firewall and crypto engineer. Before joining Swedbank I worked as an ethical hacker at FRA, The Swedish National Defense Radio Establishment. That is the Swedish national authority for signals intelligence. As an ethical hacker she performed penetration testing, meaning simulated attacks on government offices in Sweden, Swedish Armed Forces and other concerned authorities with the target to evaluate the security of the system. Petra has now changed from offensive security to defence and taken on the task to protect Swedbank and our customers.


Troels Bohnsen

Head of Group Business Intelligence & Group Treasury, SOS International

Troels Bohnsen have a proven track record of implementing digital data integration projects and leading high performing teams. He has a background as a specialist in financial risk management and a strong leadership record with a solid academic background in Strategy and Leadership which provides him with perspective into dealing with complex issues.