24 November, 2023 Webmaster

Introduction of the PEPP-project

How can vehicles be used to balance the electricity grid? Maria Backlund is working as Project Manager at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. At the event Battery Tech for EV on December 5-6 she will present the PEPP-project, Public EV Power Pilots. We asked Maria a few questions prior to the conference, and she was kind enough to give us some insights on the project.

Could you please introduce yourself and your work at Lindholmen Science Park?

I am Maria Backlund, civ. ing. with +20 years’ experience from the vehicle industry. Now I work as Project Manager at Lindholmen Science Park for two projects, where PEPP is one of them, and also as Deputy Program Director for Drive Sweden, one of the Strategic Innovation Programmes.

What will you present at Battery Tech for EV 2023?

I will introduce the PEPP-project (Public EV Power Pilots) and some of the partners in the project will inform about the adaptations needed along the V2G-chain (Vehicles – Charging box – Parking – Power grid) and its interfaces. We will also inform about optimizations of battery use, the users’ perspectives as well as potentials for upscaling.

What is the project PEPP about?

Through unique user studies twelve vehicles are used to assess public bi-directional charging from a systems perspective. Technical systems and customer benefits will be validated in real settings. Business models, incentives will be inventoried and analysed and policies and regulations will be assessed. Technical systems for ex energy optimisation, user interaction will be developed. Large-scale system demonstrations will be prepared by identifying and mobilising partnerships for appropriate applications for a rollout of hundreds of vehicles.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in the project?

In this project there are many interfaces that need to be able to function and communicate with each other. V2G is a fairly new and immature field, new networks and collaborations are needed, which of course is a challenge. This is why this kind of collaboration projects are important.

What is it that will ultimately make the individual want to plug in to support the grid even if you don’t have to charge?

What is the most important thing you and your colleagues would like to share in your presentation?

That the PEPP-project has started and that we are eager to face all challenges!!

What are you most looking forward to by attending and speaking at the conference?

To present that the PEPP project has started, listen to similar initiatives and networking with participants who are interested in contributing to the developments within the V2X-area.