13 March, 2024 Webmaster

Continuous Integration and Devops in the Age of AI and ML – Experiences from Eight Large-Scale Companies

Why do many organizations still struggle with long feedback cycles and painful release problems? Dr Torvald Mårtensson is currently holding the position as Technical Fellow at Saab Aeronautics in Sweden where he works with test management and test strategy for functions and systems in the Gripen E fighter aircraft, as well as design and implementation of test environments and simulators. Before moving into the Gripen E program, Torvald was previously Assistant Chief Engineer in the development project for Gripen South Africa. Dr Mårtensson is a Keynote Speaker at VECS 2024 in Gothenburg on May 14-15 and we got the opportunity to ask him a few questions prior to the event.


Could you please introduce yourself and your work at Saab?

I work with testing and test environments for the Gripen E fighter aircraft at Saab AB. I am also Associate Professor of Software Engineering at Linköping University. My research has primarily revolved around systems integration and system testing of large-scale and complex software systems, based on studies with multi-national companies in industry segments such as telecom, automotive, defense, surveillance and logistics.

What will you speak about at VECS 2024?

In just one sentence, my talk will describe the mechanisms in play that cause continuous integration impediment in automotive, military aviation, telecom and other industry segments – and how we also have seen solutions based on architecture, organization and ways of working.

What can the automotive industry learn from aviation?

I think it is more about what we can learn from each other. We have seen that companies in different industry segments can often exchange ideas and experiences, regarding technical solutions as well as best practices for ways-of-working.

What is the most important thing you would like to share in your presentation?

That would be that CI/CD and DevOps is not just about technical solutions, it is also about onboarding the organization.

What are you most looking forward to by attending and speaking at the event?

I really enjoyed being a keynote speaker at VECS 2023, so I am glad that I have the opportunity to hold a keynote at the Software Development & Digitalization track this year. It is always interesting to exchange ideas with other engineers, and I think VECS is a good venue for that.