19 March, 2024 Webmaster

Gothenburg – the Automotive Capital of Sweden

What makes the Gothenburg Automotive Cluster such an interesting innovation hub? We had a chat with Joel Görsch, Investment Advisor at Business Region Göteborg, BRG and member of the Advisory Board for VECS. The Swedish automotive industry has its heart in the Gothenburg region with 40,000 employees, 98 percent of the country’s passenger car industry and 50 percent of the country’s truck industry. This makes the region one of the world’s most densely populated regions per capita in terms of the development of future mobility for passenger and freight transport. Joel shared his thoughts on how Business Region Göteborg can help drive the industry forward, the establishment of the Novo Energy Lithium-ion cell battery factory and gave us a sneak peek of the Networking Event on May 13.

Could you please introduce yourself and your work at Business Region Göteborg?

My name is Joel Görsch, holding the position as Investment Advisor at Business Region Göteborg in areas of Automotive & Battery. My work contains to help companies in their investment & establishment activities in Gothenburg region. This includes giving them information about cost, land & office space availability, connecting them to networks and other services such as our International House where we can give support to individuals that relocate to Gothenburg.

Gothenburg is recognized as the automotive capital of Sweden – what makes the Gothenburg Automotive Cluster such an interesting innovation hub?

One very important factor is of course that Gothenburg is the city where Volvo was born in 1927. The competence heritage that has developed during all these years with products such as cars, trucks, buses and also engines to aircrafts and boats has been big part of the story. But I would also say that early interest in the digital solutions. The Ericsson and Telia sites have supported the regions strengths as the Automotive Industry since some years is more and more becoming a software-based industry. Finally, the strength in Green Technology and the large amounts of CO2-free power at relative low cost, compared to other European countries, gives Gothenburg a great opportunity as the Vehicle Industry mergers with the Power- and Battery Industry.

What needs to be done to keep driving the future of mobility?

Out of a regional perspective it is of great importance that Sweden continue to be cost efficient in the growing competition. This of the greatest importance to be able to be getting new investments to the region. The last years have been very successful with a lot of new investments, many of them in the Automotive Sector but this is not something that we can take for granted, so we need to keep up our work for future gains.

How are Business Region Göteborg supporting the Automotive Industry? 

We are giving establishment support containing information and contacts to companies in the Automotive Value Chain. We are also working with giving support in the process to achieve a better charging infrastructure. Besides that, we are coordinating a project together with the Automotive Industry to test new products and services in Automotive using the city as a test facility under the umbrella Gothenburg Green City Zone (GGCZ).

A lot of investments are being made in the Battery Industry – are there any specific projects in Gothenburg you would like to highlight?

The establishment of the Novo Energy Lithium-ion cell battery factory is of course the biggest of the project. Just some week ago there was a celebration of the cornerstone with the Volvo Cars, Novo Energy and Northvolt CEO´s. This is huge investment of 3 billion SEK, creating close to 3000 jobs. Just next to the Novo-factory Volvo Cars will build their pack factory.

Finally, together with Business Sweden and Telematics Valley, Business Region Göteborg are organizing a Networking Event on the day before VECS. Could you tell us a bit more about the event? 

I believe this is the 5th time we are arranging a VECS pre-event and we are more excited than ever! We have a great program that offers great insights to our guests and this year we will use the newly opened Word of Volvo as a venue, which will be amazing. We will also offer a tour about the Volvo history that can be seen in this new fantastic building.