The legal and privacy framework might not have been the first priority for the automotive industry but times are changing and nowadays IT-law issues are of great importance. Agnes Hammarstrand, Partner and Lawyer at Delphi Law Firm, gave us an introduction about the legal aspects of autonomous driving.

So here we go! The 25th of May is the date when GDPR kicks in and it’s no surprise that Agnes highlights the general data protection regulation when asked about which regulation that will affect the automotive industry the most in terms of privacy and integrity.

– GDPR is a general framework within the privacy area that will regulate all processing of personal data, in the automotive industry but also generally. It has several requirements for how are you allowed to process personal data, for how long period are you allowed to store it, for what legal purposes and a lot of legal requirements related to that. Basically, it regulates all types of data that relates to an individual which is a very broad interpretation. It could be a name or an email address but it could also be a car registration number and all the data that are processed or collected to a connected vehicle in any type. Swedish companies within the industry has historically not taken privacy legislation seriously. Now they need to do that since companies that breaches the legislation will face a risk of having to pay up to 4 % of the annual global turnover.

She is also keen to the address privacy by design as an important principle for data proception and the impact it may have on the manufacturers.

– The principles of privacy and the fundamental rules within the new general data protection regulation should be built in the car’s system already from the beginning when the infrastructure is designed. This means that the IT-architects, the developers and the R&D- people need to have knowledge about the privacy principles. Thus, as an organization you need to educate your staff and review your IT-infrastructure.

And if you have not started to plan for the GDPR you better hurry up! New legal aspects such as marketing and advertising might not have been so relevant in the past could very well be of importance in the future.

– It is now time to take the regulatory aspects when it comes to privacy seriously and this is the case for all companies within the industry, not only the car manufacturers. The new General Data Protection Regulation requires a serious project where you ensure you comply with all the requirements.