The joint venture between Volvo and Autoliv has now been in business for some time with offices in Gothenburg, Munich and Michigan. This up and coming Tier 1 supplier is all about autonomous drive and the big question is if they are going to make it real?

During VECS 2017 we had the privilege to have a chat with Zenuity CEO Dennis Nobelius, who participated as a Key Note Speaker at the event with his presentation Next Generation Software for Autonomous Cars. Dennis has a PhD from Chalmers University and has been working at Volvo in several positions before he joined Zenuity. He truly believes that the strength of Zenuity is the opportunity to bring cultures from Volvo Cars and Autoliv together.

– We bring the patents, the IP and the people from Volvo and Autoliv which is all about safety. And I believe that autonomous drive will all be about safety at the end because who would you really trust? We believe that Volvo and Autoliv hold a heritage in that area.

Dennis was very clear with the fact that their objective is to do the automotive software industrially, into a vehicle – out as a product.

– We are after solving the highway problem, that is the first task. We believe that the solving the highway problem creates the biggest customer value for the biggest amount of customers. And it may sound a bit daring but we aim to be the operating system of choice for autonomous driving.

Taking a look into the future, Dennis comes with a bold statement when he tells us the aim for Zenuity is to be the global powerhouse for autonomous driving. But he is certain that in the future the approximately 600 employees of Zenuity will have the competence and numbers to focus on getting the technology platform in place.

– I think it’s a massive race at the moment. It’s a lot of energy and effort being put into this field. Who will succeed, well, that remains to be said but I believe there will be a maximum of two or three operating systems for autonomous driving in the next 5-7 years and we are aiming to be one of them!