It’s great to have Alissa Knight back in Gothenburg once again. Her presentation on last year’s event was a great success and we got the opportunity to ask her a few questions about cyber security related to the automotive industry.

We are also very excited to listen to her Keynote Address on VECS 2019:

Diary from the Garden of Good vs. Evil. Lessons Learned From TCU/HU Penetration Tests.
There are plenty of presentations on theoretical and practical attacks on TCUs and Head Units. But what about the actual attack vectors that have been discovered in real-world implementations? Alissa presents findings from her previous penetration tests of TCUs and HUs so attendees can make their own products more secure by learning from the mistakes made by other OEMs

And if you have not started to plan for the GDPR you better hurry up! New legal aspects such as marketing and advertising might not have been so relevant in the past could very well be of importance in the future.

– It is now time to take the regulatory aspects when it comes to privacy seriously and this is the case for all companies within the industry, not only the car manufacturers. The new General Data Protection Regulation requires a serious project where you ensure you comply with all the requirements.

Please see the interview from last year below!