We are very proud to present Mr. Lucas Di Grassi as Key Note Speaker at Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services 2019. Born in Sao Paulo, he is one of the leading motorsports drivers in many ways. One of the major developers of the highly successful, electric engined Formula E, Lucas also is the CEO of Roborace, the racing series for electric cars run by artificial intelligence which is set to become the most efficient developing environment of connected AI-based technology.

Considered the best Brazilian driver of the current decade, Di Grassi draw international attention when he drove a Formula E car on the north pole ice cap to set an alert to the global warming and the increasing rate of the ice melting on that region. In May 2018, Lucas was appointed Champion for the United Nations Environment Program with the mission to increase awareness about air quality, a problem which causes over 6 million premature deaths around the world.

His presentation will address Roborace and the future of connected and autonomous technology:

  • How Roborace is preparing the perfect environment for faster and more precise development of the future autonomous vehicles
  • Why motorsport has reached a crossroads and how it is adapting to stay relevant to the industry and the public
  • The other side: how the industry priorities will reshape motorsport in the future