Almost 1000 of the leading automotive engineers in Northern Europe attended the Vehicle Electronics and Connected Services (VECS) conference held in Gothenburg 12th and 13th April 2018.

We asked the attendees their view of the automotive market’s future with some surprising results.

With a room full of engineers, maybe its not such a surprise that by far the biggest barrier to success for autonomous vehicle adoption was a lack of clear legal frameworks with a rather distant second and third place being lack of public acceptance and technology standards. Interestingly in last place was the lack of clear business case for the new technology.

This is indeed interesting, as again the vast majority see the traditional OEM as the primary player of the future having full ownership of whole value chain from vehicle manufacture to value added service provision. I’m sure some of the new starts up would disagree with this and it will be interesting to see how this view changes in the coming years. Its certain that few see OEM’s at the bottom of the value chain as contract vehicle manufacturers in this increasingly diverse urban mobility landscape.

So, what’s going to be making the money first? There was less of a consensus here with an even split between trucks, municipal public transport and commercial services such as taxis and car sharing. Overwhelmingly the privately-owned car firmly took up a very lowly last place. Not surprising, given the expected changing model for car ownership.

You can find the full results of the survey below or follow this link!