Programme 2024

The Programme for VECS 2024 is in work progress

Keynote Sessions and Strategic Debates


08:30 Morning coffee and exhibition visit

09:00 Moderator’s Introduction 

Kent Eric Lång, Senior Project Manager, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Sigma Dolins, Researcher, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden 


09:10 How Can OEMs Keep Pace with Automotive Disruptors?

  • What should OEMs do to keep pace with automotive disruptors?
  • What will future car ownership look like?
  • How can OEMs survive the ‘NOKIA moment’ for cars? Which transformation is needed?
  • How will OEMs sell cars to end-customers? Will they become platforms for software-as-a-service? Which will be the role of dealerships?
  • How can car manufacturers monetize services to consumer opportunity and create new revenue streams?
  • How will the growing share of Chinese OEMs shape the market?

Michel Annink, Director, Hampleton partners


09:40 View on Digital Customer Experience and Transformation in the Automotive Industry

  • Creation of digital customer experience. What offers should be made, in which channels?
  • How to ensure a  seamless  Online-to-offline Customer Journey and communication along touchpoints with the customers?
  • Transformation of the automotive industry means also transformation of customer experience.
  • How to measure the customer experience in specific, gathering relevant customer feedback?

Dr. Carsten Oder, Vice President Digital Business, Mercedes-Benz, Germany


10:10 Autonomous Mobility Solutions by VW Making Cities more Livable

  • Autonomous driving as a game-changer for making cities more livable
  • How the Volkswagen​ ID.Buzz AD opens the age of driverless vehicles
  • Unique features for transport of both people and goods offered by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
  • Solutions offered to customers across all layers: from intelligent autonomous vehicle to AD MaaS Software Platform

Christian Rosen, Head of Business Development MaaS & TaaS, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Germany

10:40 Networking break and exhibition visit


11:20 Software to Deliver Personal, Sustainable and Safe Mobility

  • Designing for a stunning customer experience
  • Leveraging Deep Learning towards zero
  • Cars in context – changing partner eco-systems
  • Software Development at Volvo Cars

Alwin Bakkenes, Head of Software Engineering, Volvo Cars


11:50 Innovative New Ways to Transport People around Urban and Rural Areas

  • New initiatives in city mobility projects
  • How can innovative cities and regions make use of new and smart technologies?
  • Models for urban mobility of the future. Which role will robotaxis play?
  • Field tests of the vehicle industry and mobility service providers

Charlotte Eisner, Head of Business Development, ZEEKR/CEVT

Christian Rosen, Head of Business Development MaaS & TaaS, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Germany
Johanna Salomonsson Lind, SVP Head of People Transport, Scania Group
Christian Bering Pedersen, CEO, Holo, Denmark

12:30 Networking lunch break and exhibition visit


Kent Eric Lång, Senior Project Manager, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


14:00 The Einride Strategy for Development and Deployment of Autonomous Electric Technologies for Freight

  • Decomplexify
  • Real customer operations
  • Cabless by design
  • Software first
  • Connected data pipeline

Henrik Green, General Manager Autonomous Technology, Einride

14:30 Optimizing Automotive Software Development: Steering Through Cybersecurity

  • How to best handle the increased complexity imposed by the cybersecurity standards?
  • Which steps are the efficiency killers, and what technology can be leveraged to attain a significant speedup?
  • How can engineering workflows be optimized for both cybersecurity compliance and efficiency, at the same time?

Martin Becker, Principal Application Engineer, Mathworks, Germany
Lars Rosqvist, Engineering Manager, Mathworks


15:00 Fireside Chat with Annie Lien

How can we speed up AD L4 and reduce costs? Tools and data? Regulation? Societal benefit?

Annie Lien, Autonomous Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Expert, U.S.A.


15:20 From Racetrack to Road – How Learnings from Formula E Benefit Electrification at Porsche

  • Porsche’s challenges to increase share of electric vehicles while keeping the characteristics of today’s sportscars
  • Differences and similarities of battery electric race and road cars and how Porsche uses the learnings of both worlds
  • How simulation has helped Porsche to stay competitive with a limited budget and testing time

Dr. Leonard Mengoni, Development Engineer High Voltage Powertrains, Porsche, Germany

15:50 Networking break and exhibition visit

16:30 How to make ADAS and AD testing seamlessly

  • Why bringing in a seamless workflow can bring shorter iteration cycles and more test capabilities at a constant cost
  • How sharing data, virtual prototypes, processes, and test cases may allow automakers to run 15 million tests without breaking the budget or time-to-market
  • How can forming partnerships enable the continuous testing of the ADAS and AD stack for OEM’s & Tier 1 suppliers?

David Mear, Global Business Development Manager ADAS & Autonomous, Hexagon

16:50 How can Startups and Corporates Collaborate to Drive Innovation at Scale?

  • How can startups support the transformation journey at a global industry leader?
  • What are the challenges and how have we addressed them?
  • What are the learnings?

Vishnu Rajanikanth, Senior Innovation Manager, Volvo CampX
Nils Sahlberg, Vice President, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Stream Analyze

17:30 Moderator’s closing remarks and close of conference


Sigma Dolins, Researcher, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden 


14.00 A Global Perspective on Development of Robotaxis

  • Use cases for robotaxis in the USA, China, and Europe
  • Business models and partnerships in different markets
  • Differences in requirements on safety
  • A glimpse into the future

Andreas Reschka, Senior Director Of Product, Systems, and Safety,, U.S.A.           

14:40 Security Challenges for the Next Generation of Vehicle Computers

  • Surveying the threat landscape
  • Building the foundation for a Zero Trust Architecture
  • In-vehicle Prevention Strategies
  • Practical solutions derived from theoretical insights

Max Hoffman, Senior Security Architect, Etas, Germany

15:00 Networking break and exhibition visit


15:40 The Mobility Ecosystem Evolution Happening in Asia, U.S. etc. – What Can Europe Learn?

  • What can mature automakers learn from innovators like Tesla, BYD etc. in other areas of the world?
  • What can Europe learn from the mobility ecosystem evolution happening in China, U.S. etc.?
  • What can mature automakers learn from Tesla’s approach to innovation?
  • Why do big OEMs have difficulties in the transformation to new business models while Startup EV automakers are all-in on a direct sales model ?
  • Is there less EV ambiguity in Asia in comparison with Europe or U.S.?
  • How can start-ups collaborate better with established companies – especially across borders?

Kjell-Arne Wold, Director of Business Development, Human Horizon, Germany
Andreas Reschka, Senior Director Of Product, Systems, and Safety,, U.S.A.
Anna Haupt, Investment Director, Industrifonden
Michel Annink, Director, Hampleton partners

16:20 Software Defined Experiences and Virtual Twins: Bridging the gap between physical and digital vehicle development

  • How Software Defined Experience and Virtual Twins fit the increasing need to transform vehicle development?
  • How to keep pace with the ever-evolving engineering and operations needs
  • How to accelerate time to market, enhance user experience and manage fast evolutions and their variability

Frédéric Merceron, Transport & Mobility Industry Solution Experience Director, Dassault Systèmes, France


16:40 The Era of BEV-Bonanza – What Will it Take to Succeed?

  • Tesla revolution – The BEV race was kicked off
  • German Evolution – Automotive Legacy players shifting product portfolios and corporate culture
  • Chinese takeover? Will China become the new World automotive dominator?
  • How will car-buying change and who actually owns the customers?

Kjell-Arne Wold, Director of Business Development, Human Horizon, Germany

17:20 Moderator’s closing remarks and close of conference

In Depth Specialist Sessions


08:30 Morning coffee and exhibition visit

09:00 Moderator’s Introduction

Miroslaw Staron, Professor, Chalmers | University of Gothenburg


09:10 Digital Evolution in the Automobile Industry

  • The thrilling evolution that has brought automotive to the digital frontier
  • Existing challenges and emerging future trends
  • The impact of factors such as big data, artificial intelligence, and other technical advances
  • The impact of seamless integration of digital products on vehicle development and user behavior

Mark Gerban, Senior OEM Digital & Payments Expert, Germany


09:50 Holistic Development Process for Software, Hardware and Mechanics

  • Challenges in the synchronous development of hardware, software and mechanics
  • Examples for interactions between the disciplines using the example of a current drive system
  • New processes based on systems engineering for all system levels and virtualization of development
  • Holistic physical and virtual validation of software, hardware and mechanics
  • Further optimization using big data and artificial intelligence

Dr.-Ing. Peter Fietkau, Manager Drive System Electronics, Porsche, Germany

10:25 Electric Vehicle Wireless Battery Management Revolution

  • Cost analysis shows wBMS can boost OEMs’ profits on next-gen EVs
  • Wireless BMS reduces complexity, cost, space, and labor vs. wired BMS
  • wBMS uses intelligent battery module with integrated electronics
  • wBMS needs huge investments in design, validation, manufacturing, security, and safety

Shane O’Mahony, Marketing Director, Automotive Technology Group, Analog Devices, Ireland

10:50 Networking break and exhibition visit

11:20 SDV: Opportunities and Challenges for Commercial Vehicles

  • How is SDV different for commercial vehicles
  • Opportunities: New Use-cases, Ecosystem & Lifecycle Perspective
  • Challenges: Cybersecurity, Abstraction through SW, Dependence on HW, Product Engineering

Harikrishnan Radhakrishnan, System Architect, Scania Group

11:50 Developing AI-based ADAS Software in an Age of Rapid AI Evolution

  • AI research is breaking new ground in an ever increasing pace
  • Data and compute are key assets
  • How make a strategy for AI-based product development?

Erik Rosén, Chief Architect, Zenseact

12:20 Networking lunch break and exhibition visit

13:20 Virtualization and Separation for Safety Critical Embedded Computing

  • Embedded Virtualization Schemes
  • Separation as Prerequisite for embedded virtualisation
  • Holistic SoC approach
  • SW topics to be considered
  • Infineon’s solution in AURIX TC4x

Dr. Stephan C. Stilkerich, Lead Principal Software Concepts, Computation, Infineon, Germany

13:40 AI Powered Automotive Software Factory

  • AI application in automotive embedded software development
  • Integration of LLMs in software development cycle
  • Following legacy standards in AI driven software development, e.g. AUTOSAR and ISO26262
  • Preparing for the paradigm shift in software development

Farshid Shafiabady, Technical lead – Software integration, CEVT

14:10 The Road to SDV – how Architectures Lead the Way

  • Common mistakes in architectures and how to avoid them
  • Essential technology and the platform first approach
  • How to speed up the development process

Dr. Lars Völker, Technical Fellow and Head of Media Relations, Technica Engineering, Germany

14:30 Networking break and exhibition visit


15:00 Customer Experience Compared to What Engineers Think the Customers Want and Need
Or are engineers to some extent developing features they just want themselves?

  • Is there a difference between “real” customer needs and customer needs perceived by engineers and developers?
  • How to integrate customer requirements in the SDV (while working agile)?
  • Moving from features to capabilities. OEMs are always talking about features, but if we instead create capabilities then that can help in building the service layer.
  • If we allow anyone to create services on our products, we don’t even have to think about what our customers want or need, nor what the engineers think. But what are the challenges with the “app economy” for OEMs?
  • There are new platforms introduced all the time, each supposed to be better than the other. But where is the balance of a good enough platform to provide for an excellent UX?

Anya Ernest, Exploration Lead, Polestar

Mark Gerban, Senior OEM Digital & Payments Expert, Germany
Christina Rux, Lead Solution Architect, WirelessCar
Helena Sthral, Digital Management Consultant, Waye Digital

15:40 Open Source Strategies to Increase Innovation and Reduce Risk

  • Setting an Open Source strategy that bolsters innovation power and reduce investments in commodity
  • The pivot point – when to release as Open Source and when to keep development in-house
  • Balancing risk vs benefit in your Open Source management system
  • Managing the SBOM flow from suppliers to customers

Jonas Öberg, Open Source Officer, Scania

16:10 Embedded Live Interactive Analytics in Automotive

  • The value of interactive modelling in edge analytics
  • Seeing, understanding, and modelling powertrain anomalies
  • Using high-frequency data inside a motor controller
  • How we managed to embed interactive software in an ECU
  • How we take it from lab to production at industrial scale

Erik Zeitler, Software Engineer and Co-founder, Stream Analyze

16:40 Moderator’s closing remarks and close of conference


08:30 Morning coffee and exhibition visit

09:00 Moderator’s Introduction

Dr. Håkan Sivencrona, Chief Safety Manager, Zenseact


09:10 The Battle Collaboration between ADAS Business & Engineering in Volvo Cars

  • What the Business team would like to bundle, sell & communicate to customers
  • What the Engineering team sees as challenges in the ADAS product area
  • How do we make it happen in Volvo Cars and the EX90?

Tove Andersson, Director Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Volvo Cars


09:45 The Path to Safe and Profitable L4 – Pony’s Approach

  • Safety and security for ADAS and Automated driving systems – overview
  • A closer look on vehicle platform, driving system, and operational requirements
  • Learnings from L4 research and development and transfer to ADAS safety and security
  • Using ADAS data to improve L4 systems

Andreas Reschka, Senior Director Of Product, Systems, and Safety,, U.S.A.           

10:20 Smart Data Usage Leading to Smart AV Design Verification – Critical Scenarios & Recorded Data

  • The importance of providing insight to massive amounts of recorded data
  • How to find critical scenarios?
  • To connect recorded data to simulation models in practice
  • The requirement coverage for Verification & Validation using simulation at scale, what is needed?

Robin van der Made, Director Product Management AV, Siemens Digital Industries Software, The Netherlands

10:40 Networking coffee break and exhibition visit

11:10 Autonomous Hauling System Implementation in the Boliden Aitik Mine

  • Why do Boliden Aitik go Autonomous
  • First deployment of an Autonomous Hauling System in EU
  • Change management – People, Ways-of-Working and Technology
  • How regulatory and compliance were managed
  • Key learnings and advice around automation

Rikard Mäki, Manager Autonomous Hauling Project Department (AHS Project), Boliden

11:45 Intelligent Autonomous Transport Systems: Technology Enablers from a Control Center Perspective

  • How can an AI and data-driven approach increase the efficiency of autonomous transport operations?
  • How can semantic data integration be utilized to build robust control towers?
  • How can humans and computer systems effectively interact with an autonomous transport system?

Andreas Höglund, Senior engineering manager, Autonomous Transport Systems, Scania R&D

12:20 Networking lunch break and exhibition visit

13:20 Leveraging Autonomous Driving and Sensor Infrastructure for Operational Efficiency in Plants, Depots and Logistics Yards

  • Benefits with autonomous driving and sensors in the infrastructure
  • Operational Efficiency gains in various industrial use cases
  • Technology is here and can be used today

Niclas Österling, Managing Director, Unikie Sweden

13:40 SoTIF and Time – Designing and Validating a Safe ADAS system

  • The role that duration plays in determining the risk of an undesired behaviour
  • Architectural strategies to prevent functional insufficiencies from causing prolonged unwanted behaviours
  • Validation strategies to argue that the risk contribution from prolonged unwanted behaviours is sufficiently small.

Andy Backhouse, Technical Specialist Collision-Avoidance Threat-Assessment, Zenseact

14:25 Sensor Concepts for Higher ADAS Levels and Integration Challenges

Speaker TBA

14:45 Networking coffee break and exhibition visit


15:15 Bridging the Gap from “Almost there” to “Done”

  • Key V&V challenges faced and approaches to tackle them
  • Ways to efficiently se get the most “bang for the buck” in AD/ADAS testing
  • What are good ways to estimate when Safety Validation will be completed?
  • Can AI be used for safety validation? How? What are the risks and opportunities?

Tove Andersson, Director Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Volvo Cars
Niels Berger, Product Owner Emergency Trajectory Planning and Decision Making, Zenseact
Andreas Reschka, Senior Director Of Product, Systems, and Safety,, U.S.A. 

15:55 Capturing Intuition for Autonomous Vehicle Safety

  • Model human intuitive driving behaviour into autonomous drive
  • Appending muscle memory into continuous driving
  • Inclusion of continuous maturity of driving behaviour

Vivetha Joshna Natterjee, AD Safety Specialist, CEVT

16:35 Moderator’s closing remarks and close of conference


08:30 Morning coffee and exhibition visit

09:00 Moderator’s Introduction

Peter Janevik, CEO, AstaZero


09:10 How to Verify Autonomous Solutions – Ensuring Safety through Quick and Efficient Pipeline

  • The challenge: How to ensure safety?
  • Scenario-based approach => addressing the safety challenge and securing proper test coverage
  • Developing a pipeline with quick iteration enabling feedback consistently through large scale simulation and real-world testing

Magnus Nilsson, Head of Safety & Technical Compliance, Volvo Autonomous Solutions


09:50 Speeding up Testing & Validation with ML & AI at Scania Autonomous

  • Standardisation of the Operation Design Domain(ODD) at Scania (in collaboration with Traton)
  • Need for Scenario descriptors that the AV drives in
  • Search & mine Scenarios using ML & AI
  • The big picture: testing the perception module of the AV

Vijay Jayaraman,  Machine Learning Engineer Validation and Verification (V&V), Scania

10:30 Networking break and exhibition visit

11:00 Practical Challenges in Testing SOME/IP – Need for Scalable and Programmable Test Engineering

  • What role SOME/IP technology is playing in future architectures of many OEM’s, recent experiences.
  • New Testing and Validation challenges as OEM’s transition towards SOME/IP based architectures.
  • How scalability, and programmability of Test tools may become critical in moving towards agile Vehicle Software development

Samir Bhagwat, Director of Quality Assurance, Intrepid Control Systems Inc., U.S.A

11:25 Simulation for AD – Escape from Reality

  • SBT concept, learn about different sources for scenario gathering
  • Learn how to expand the gathered scenarios
  • Simulation fidelity and connection to reality
  • Useful techniques to explore large amounts of scenarios efficiently

Alejandro Morate, Director Autonomous Drive, CEVT          

12:00 Networking lunch break and exhibition visit

13:00 Why is Everything an Int?

  • The pitfalls of basic scalar types in system design and the phenomenon of “information loss”
  • Enhancing data types with embedded functional ranges to achieve precise system implementation
  • Using functional ranges to improve software verification and validation
  • A look into bug classes mitigated by functional ranges

Dr Andrew Teylu, Research Manager, Software Verification, Vector, U.K.

13:25 Incorporating AI into Effective Automotive Software Testing and Software Development

  • What is test driven development in an automotive, and how does it incorporate generative AI technologies?
  • Use cases and practical application of AI support in tools and methodologies
  • How can AI be integrated into the automotive test processes, ethical and safe

Sabina Edenlund, Technical Specialist – test driven development, Volvo Cars

14:00 Virtual Testing of Powertrains

Speaker TBA

14:20 Networking coffee break and exhibition visit 


14:50 Autonomous Vehicle Testing & Validation

  • Challenges and best practices in testing and validation of ADAS technologies
  • Methods for safety validation
  • Ways to increase test coverage (more test cases and scenarios per unit of time)
  • How to improve testing reliability?
  • How can AI/MLL be used for ADAS validation?

Sabina Edenlund, Technical leader – Test Driven Development, Volvo Cars
Vijay Jayaraman, Machine Learning Engineer Validation and Verification (V&V), Scania
Timo Kero, CTO, AstaZero

15:30 From Simulation to Physical Testing of AD vehicles

  • AD vehicle testing phases
  • Simulation as a base for AD testing
  • Validation of simulation models
  • Testing environments
  • Future challenges

Timo Kero, CTO, AstaZero

16:05 Customer Requirement Driven Digitalized Product Development

  • How can you work with requirements in a data and simulation based iterative development process?
  • How and when do you change from early creativity to late stage structure?
  • How do you link software and hardware solutions during the journey?

Lars Forsman, Senior Expert Verification & Validation, Volvo Group Trucks Technology

16:40 Moderator’s closing remarks and close of conference


08:30 Morning coffee and exhibition visit

09:00 Moderator´s introduction

Linda Olofsson, Director, Swedish Electromobility Centre
Stefan Pettersson, CTO, IVL (Swedish Environmental Research Institute)


09:10 Utrecht – a Pioneer in Electromobility and the World’s First Bidirectional City

  • The Utrecht bidirectional ecosystem: entrepreneurs, technology providers, users, City, DSO, universities
  • Utrecht’s objective: to become the World’s first bi-directional city
  • Cooperation, trust, technology, and user acceptance
  • Our urgent congestion issues, and how smart charging & V2G are part of the solution
  • Integrated EV mobility and planning
  • Why we need more carless drivers

Gertjan Geurts, Project leader Smart Charging/Congestion, City of Utrecht, Project leader SCALE (e-mobility V2G/V2X), The Netherlands


09:50 Vehicle and Grid Interaction from a Car Manufacturer Point of View

  • Efficiency improvements from smarter charging
  • From self-supporting homes to aggregated services
  • Benefits and challenges

Robert Eriksson, Senor Technical Leader, Volvo Cars

10:25 Networking break and exhibition visit

10:55 State of Health Estimation For Lithium-Ion Batteries In EV

Speaker TBA


11:20 From Microstructure to Macro-society: Scania Battery Journey

  • How Scania has built up knowledge for its Battery journey
  • The success and shortcoming stories in this journey
  • Scania’s future perspectives along this journey

Tiva Sharifi, Technology leader for Electrification, R&D, Scania Group

12:10 Innovation in the Electric Motorcycle Industry with RGNT Motorcycles

  • Experiences of a former Technical lead at RGNT Motorcycles
  • How small teams can harness creativity in the dynamic landscape of the electric motorcycle industry
  • A story that illustrates the power of nimble, focused groups in driving progress and innovation

Niels Jonsson, Senior ESS & Electromobility Engineer, Semcon Sweden

12:30 Networking lunch break and exhibition visit

13:30 The Journey towards Optimal Battery Management at Volvo Cars

  • A short overview of automotive battery management systems (BMS)
  • What were the strategic considerations for taking BMS development inhouse at Volvo Cars, and how far have we come?
  • Where are academia and industry heading for the next generation BMS?
  • A practical example of how electro-chemical insights improves safety, health, and lifetime of batteries

Björn Fridholm, Technical expert in battery management, Volvo Cars

14:05 Revolutionizing EV Charging through Technology Innovation 

  • Global EV trends and the latest developments in the electric vehicle industry
  • What’s going on in Hardware and on-board charger (HW/OBC) technology innovation?
  • Get practical insights from real-world case studies
  • Gain actionable insights to shape the future of electric vehicle charging

Minh Ta Tran, COO, FPT Automotive

14:25 How can Sweden Become a Leading Battery Nation in Europe?

  • What is needed to be a leading battery nation?
  • Will a battery ecosystem evolve organically or consciously?
  • How can we get there faster?

Claes Winzell, Business Developer, Rise Research Institutes of Sweden

14:55 Networking break and exhibition


15:25 Which Research and Innovation Should Be Prioritized for Reaching a Large-Scale Implementation of Electromobility?

Bo Andrén, Engineering Director Battery Systems, Scania
Sofia Ohnell, Business and Innovation Area Manager, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Gertjan Geurts,  Project leader Smart Charging/Congestion, City of Utrecht,  Project leader SCALE (e-mobility V2G/V2X), The Netherlands

16:05 What Implications will EU’s New Battery Regulation have for Automotive?

Annika Ahlberg Tidblad, Technical Leader Battery Safety and Legislation, Volvo Cars

16:45 Moderator’s closing remarks and close of conference


08:30 Morning coffee and exhibition visit

09:00 Moderator’s Introduction

Dr. Ana Magazinius, Information Security Officer, Polestar


09:10 A look into the future of the cyber threat landscape for the vehicle industry – potential risks and threats

  • Why do we need to contemplate the future of cybersecurity?
  • How do you prepare for the unknown?
  • The secrets to a modern cybersecurity strategy for the vehicle industry

Henrik Parkkinen, Cybersecurity Governance & Strategy Lead, WirelessCar


09:45 Cybersecurity in a World of Connected Vehicles

  • What it means to have a bullet proof system in place when dealing with the fastest accelerating EV vehicle in the world
  • Technical challenges along with regulatory changes in world of modern automotive connected systems
  • What used to be a closed loop system is now connected to the Internet and has all the issues that classic IT has but with additional risks of 2 tons of metal driving fast on a highway

Jagor Čakmak, Cybersecurity Manager, Rimac Technology

10:20 New applications, new features, new challenges: how real-time works in the Software-Defined Vehicle

  • Software security fundamentals to allow for flexibility and scalability of real-time architectures
  • Beyond standardization: how to close the gap between software complexity and developer productivity
  • The art of software debugging and what role cloud-native development will play
  • Safety and security and their inseparable link

Arnaud Van Den Bossche, Business Development Director, EMEA, Green Hills Software

10:45 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit

11:15 New rules for cyber security put pressure on the automotive industry

  • The importance of CSMS (Cyber Security Management System) to keep track of all processes around cyber security
  • Incident monitoring and forensic capabilities – detect and log cyber-attacks for future analysis
  • The application of the ISO standard ISO 21434 is still a learning process
  • Innovation creates possibilities but also new threats

Tomas Bodeklint, Research and Business developer, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

12:00 How do we bridge the communication gap between cybersecurity experts and the wider connected mobility community?

  • Understanding the actual field risk and hackers’ motivation
  • The impact of Software Defined Vehicles on cybersecurity monitoring
  • The Upstream value map

Ric Vicari, VP, EMEA Upstream Auto, U.K. Upstream

12:20 Networking Lunch Break & Exhibition Visit

13:20 What you need to know about Data Governance and Data Privacy

  • Data Governance:
    – What is Data Governance?
    – Framework
    – Things to keep in mind about Data Governance
  • Data Privacy:
    -Legal landscape
    – Practices and techniques

Alessandra Rodrigues Padilha, Legal Counsel at Research and Innovation Office, The University of Gothenburg

14:05 Secure software development for connected and autonomous vehicles

Speaker TBA

14:25 Networking Break and Exhibition Visit 

15:00 Cybersecurity from a hacker’s point of view: How hackers work, and how being compliant does not mean you won’t get hacked

  • Using real life examples, Auke will introduce the audience to the inner workings of hacking groups
  • He will show you how they pick their targets and what you can likely expect from them in the automotive industry
  • What should you, as an expert in the automotive industry, prepare for and how?
  • Let’s dive into the secretive and dark world of real hackers!

Auke Zwaan, Cybersecurity expert and hacker & Founder, Black Swan Cyber Defense


15:40 Connectivity has the power to transform but is not without its risks -Facing the Cyber Security Challenge in the Vehicles

Dr. Ana Magazinius, Information Security Officer, Polestar

Henrik Parkkinen, Cybersecurity Governance & Strategy Lead, WirelessCar
Jagor Čakmak, Cybersecurity Manager, Rimac Technology
Auke Zwaan, Cybersecurity expert and hacker & Founder, Black Swan Cyber Defense

16:20 Moderator’s Closing Remarks & Close of Conference


08:30 Morning coffee and exhibition visit

09:00 Moderator’s Introduction

Jonn Lantz, Technical Leader in Agile Software Development, Volvo Cars


09:10 Complexity Driving Digital Transformation Needs

  • The challenge of dealing with the complexity that the dependencies between software, Data and AI create
  • Why the speed of innovations calls for more tactics such as horizontal leadership, collaboration and transparency
  • Hands-on ways to understand the relation between complexity and transformation and how to deal with it in practice

Anna Börjesson Sandberg, Vice President Digital Transformation, Volvo Group Trucks Technology

09:55 Software Factories and Open-source Software; two Key Pillars to Master the Development Challenges of SDV 

  • Mastering the increasing SW-HW development challenges across various vehicle domains – what does it demand?
  • Progress and abstracted lessons learned from working with OEMs and Tier-1s
  • OS layers as the key to enabling verification, testing and validation of SDVs
  • Discuss gaps that need to be closed in the future including those from safety-critical AI needs

Ulrich Wurstbauer, Chief Technologist AD, Luxoft, Germany

10:20 Networking break and exhibition visit


10:50 Continuous Integration and Devops In the Age of AI and ML – Experiences from Eight Large-Scale Companies

  • CI/CD and DevOps are now established practices in the mainstream of software engineering – so why do many organizations still struggle with long feedback cycles and painful release problems?
  • What are the continuous integration impediments in automotive, military aviation, telecom and other industry segments – and how can they be solved?
  • Systems fully or partly based on AI/ML requires more automation and faster feedback loops, but now we also rely more on engineers with the right knowledge, skills and personality

Dr. Torvald Mårtensson, Technical Fellow, Saab Aeronautics, and Associate Professor, Linköping University

11:30 Merging Waterfall and Agile in Automotive Software Engineering: aka. How to Do More with Less

  • The role of engineering management in SAFe and other agile frameworks
  • Psychological safety: Beyond the buzzword
  • How to empower engineers to challenge the status quo and drive transformation
  • Why you should embrace negative feedback
  • Balancing Pragmatism and idealism in software engineering

Chris Fogelklou, Principal Engineer, Polestar

12:10 Networking lunch break and exhibition visit

13:10 How CI/CD and DevOps can Improve productivity in the Development of Automotive Software

Speaker TBA

13:30 Modern Software Practices – and how we’re Bringing them to Hardware and Embedded Products

  • Review the core of modern software practices to deliver quality at a high pace – CI/CD, observability, SRE/DevOps, and more
  • Deep-dive on how we bring these practices and capabilities to our hardware and embedded products, managing an IoT fleet of more than a hundred thousand connected devices
  • Lessons learned from ways of working at Voi, Kry and Spotify

Anders Ivarsson, VP Engineering, VOI

14:10 SW Development in GenAI’s World

Speaker TBA

14:30 Networking break and exhibition visit

15:00 How to Transition from a Start-up to a Scale up when it Comes to Product Management for Software Products

  • Why we need to think differently than traditional enterprises when working with pure software products
  • How we worked with Product management as a start-up
  • What pitfalls we ended up in before we changed
  • What frameworks and methods we have implemented now, as a scale-up, and how they will help us scale even more

Sabina Söderstjerna, Saga Product Manager, Einride


15:30 AI’s Impact on Automotive SW Development 

  • Development & Tools
  • Management
  • Business development
  • Managing complexity


Anna Börjesson Sandberg, Vice President Digital Transformation, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Dr. Torvald Mårtensson, Technical Fellow, Saab Aeronautics, and Associate Professor, Linköping University
Farshid Shafiabady, Technical lead – Software integration, CEVT

16:10 Socio-technical Challenges of Digitalization in Automotive and Transportation

  • Socio-technical challenges of digitalization in the automotive and transportation industry
  • How organizations can adapt to digital disruption and changing consumer expectations
  • How to balance data-driven approaches with human judgment, considering technological, organizational, and ethical, aspects of digitalization

Dina Koutsikouri, Associate Professor, Gothenburg University
Lena Hylving, Associate Professor, University of Oslo, Senior Lecturer, Halmstad University

16:50 Moderator’s closing remarks and close of conference


08:30 Morning coffee and exhibition visit

09:00 Moderator’s Introduction

Hans Arby, Senior Researcher, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, 1st vice chair, Transport Board, City of Gothenburg, Senior Adviser, Arthur D. Little


09:10 Navigating Tomorrow Together – Unleashing Innovation in Transportation through Venture-building and Bold Collaborations

  • How does the fusion of connectivity with other disruptive technologies reshape the landscape of transportation?
  • Challenges on the road ahead, adopting new technologies and unleashing innovation
  • The importance ofstrategic collaboration and venture-building in driving innovation
  • Examples on how Ericsson accelerate innovations, co-create with partners, and builds startups from within

Jonas Wilhelmsson, Global Director Sustainable Innovation & Trond Bugge, Director of UX and Venture Growth, Ericsson ONE

09:45 Luvly an Urban Mobility Visionary Swedish Startup – looking to transform the way we move

  • Is the time right for Light Urban Vehicles like the Luvly O?
  • How to make a car Sustainable, Affordable and Safe
  • Where do we see the business opportunities – patented technology under license?
  • What does the future look like?

Håkan Lutz, CEO and Founder, Luvly

10:10 Networking Break & Exhibition Visit


10:40 Driving sustainability through data and innovation

  • Providing new services to drive the sustainability journey of our customers
  • Innovating together with customers
  • Using data and behavioral insights in service development

Andrea Wetterberg, Director Digital Solutions and Customer Experiencey, Scania Group


11:20 The beauty and the burden of being a small OEM

  • Comparisons in behavior and effects between small and large:
  • Let’s look at nature and sports
  • How about small and large cities?
  • Let’s compare some clear burdens and benefits of small and large
  • If you were an OEM, which set of benefits would you pick?
  • Which of the benefits are getting increasingly more important?
  • So… Is any OEM there yet? Is it realistic?   Is it a threat to not be there?

Frank Smit, Vice President Vehicle Solutions, NEVS

11:50 Networking Lunch Break & Exhibition Visit

12:50 Traffic regulations in the digital age – how we get there

  • Traffic rules are typically written in text intended for humans. In the digital age, traffic rules must be understood by machines as well.
  • This requires data on traffic rules that can be processed by machines. Such data would benefit road users, citizens, companies, and other actors in our society.
  • Innovative forms of transportation, including automated vehicles, depend on this data.
  • Key findings from the project “Future traffic rules”, run by RISE within the Drive Sweden Policy Lab.

– The project has explored traffic rules in the digital age and what is needed to reach a future system with machine-readable traffic rules in Sweden.
– The project’s results have received attention far beyond Sweden’s borders.

Jenny Lundahl, Senior researcher & Legal expert, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

13:30 Innovative new ways to transport people around urban and rural areas – small autonomous vehicles in Oslo

track ELiisa Andersson, Project Manager, Ruter AS

14:10 Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

14:40 Shared micromobility for a green and living city

  • The full potential of shared micromobility has not yet been realized
  • Over 100 citities in Europe have tendered shared micromobility
  • How do we create better user experience by increasing availability of the service?
  • What do we see in the future – challenges and possibilities?

Viktor Olejnik, Country Manager Sweden, Voi Technology

15:10 KINTO Share – situational mobility for everyone

  • The mobility provider is part of a larger mobility system
  • Mobility for a more sustainable urban environment – practical examples
  • Analyzing customer data is a key factor to change the business based on customer needs
  • What does the future look like for car sharing and mobility solutions?

Johan Yutaka Lundblad, CEO, KINTO Nordics & Baltics


15:50 How do we find new revenue streams in the future of transportation?

  • What does the automotive business look like – new business models?
  • How do we go from an “inside out to an outside in” way of thinking with a focus on consumer behavior?
  • How to develop a vehicle based on consumer needs that works in smart cities?

Maria Broqvist Andersson, Program Director, Drive Sweden

Johan Yutaka Lundblad, CEO, KINTO Nordics & Baltics
Liisa Andersson, Project Manager, Ruter AS
Jenny Lundahl, Senior researcher & Legal expert, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Viktor Olejnik, Country Manager Sweden, Voi Technology

16:30 Moderator’s Closing Remarks & Close of Conference