11 oktober 2022 Webmaster

Battery Tech for EV 2022 – read the full programme

We are proud to present Battery Tech for EV 2022 on December 8-9 in Gothenburg. This event will focus on current topics such as what batteries are on the rise? How far away is it? What technologies are possible?

Take part in the latest in research, development and news. Two packed days where you can listen and ask questions to experts in the field who share their knowledge and experience in Research & Battery Development, Sustainable Battery Production, Techniques and Methods, The Challenges of Charging & Infrastructure and Laws & Regulations.

From the programme:
• The smart, safe and ultrahigh performance batteries of the future – what can we hope for?
• The role of the recycling in a raw materials supply chain for the battery industry
• Development of high voltage batteries for commercial applications
• Long-life heavy-duty BEV batteries – from specification to application
• More efficient and health conscious usage of lithium ion batteries by adaptive modeling
• New EU regulatory framework for batteries
• Solutions with charging infrastructure can be reached through cooperation
• Hydrogen as a carrier of green electricity to power electric trucks in long-haul operations