17 oktober 2022 Webmaster

Solutions with Charging Infrastructure can be Reached through Cooperation

The national grid needs to be expanded to meet the needs of society and at the same time it needs to be robust for secure electricity supply. Svenska Kraftnät is a significant player to reach the Swedish and European energy and climate policy. Lowina Lundström, Executive Vice President for Electricity System Operator is one of the speakers at Battery Tech for EV 2022. She will share her thoughts on why cooperation between different players in the market and the willingness to find new solutions is key, how consumers can play an important role as provider of ancillary services and tell us more about the capacity in the grid now and in the future. We got the opportunity to ask Lowina a few questions before the event.


Could you please introduce yourself and your work at Svenska Kraftnät?

I am Executive Vice President for Electricity System Operator at Svenska Kraftnät since 2018. My division is responsible for the investments and dimensioning of the transmission grid in Sweden, the control room for supervising the electrical system 24/7, development of the electricity market and R&D. I am member of the board of Powercircle and Fifty A/S as well as the chairman of the board for eSett Oy.

What impact has the recent energy crises had on your work with charging infrastructure?

A large increase of inquiries for connection of charging infrastructure.

The future feels more uncertain than ever, what are the main issues for planning and laying out strategies when secure electricity supply may not be so secure anymore?

Our task is continued focus on security of supply but it puts other demands on consumers compared with previous. It demands a larger involvement with i.e. consumer flexibility which also is an opportunity.

What needs to be done to increase cooperation between the different players for finding new solutions?

Early contact with the grid operators, municipalities and other involved players in order to find the best solution as early as possible.

At the event, we have a speaker from Norway, Jan Tore Gjøby, Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) – what can Sweden learn from our neighbors when it comes to EV and electrification?

Norway started early to offer contribution to EV and electrification initiatives. That opened the market faster and by that they became a forerunner for the industry.

What’s the most important thing you would like to share in your presentation?

There are many opportunities for EV infrastructure companies to support, and earn money, by joining the ancillary service market.

What are you most looking forward to by attending and speaking at the conference?

Meeting with the industry, get new contacts and learn on how we can become smarter together.